I did not have a lot of friends growing up, so I found entertainment in movies and books, magazines and music. The impact of having a single mom and the media I got exposed to instilled in me the belief that women are superior but fragile human beings, delicatecreatures that deserve royal treatment, like taking them out, reciting poems for them,... [Read More]

Damn You

It was all a stupid misunderstanding - more on the cop's part than mine - but he still hauled my ass to the local jailhouse in some Hicksville town in the back-of-beyond. I was furious, ready to sue every mother-fuckin' son-of-a-whore between here and hell and back. But...things turned out better than expected... much better than expected. He was little more than a kid, the cop, and seemed almost... [Read More]

Bored Girlfriend

ThumbnailShe’d been sitting there for over an hour. Just watching him draw. Those magic hands of his, gripping the pencil so tenderly, tracing and teasing the paper so passionately. His eyes, creased up with concentration. She felt second best to that picture right now, her needs growing inside her as he sat paying no attention to her. All his attention... [Read More]